PUBG Requirements

First of all, I tell you the full name of PUBG Player Unknown’s Battle- Ground. PUBG is a multiplayer battle royal game in which players drop onto an island and fight to be the last one left standing. The player can play in two modes either they can play arcade mode or classic mode.

  1. In arcade mode, there are variant types of mission or mode available to play. Small war, sniper training and etc.
  2. In classic mode, there are three types of map present so players choose their own map and then they can play it.


While the full title is Player-Unknown’s Battlegrounds, most people call it PUBG, because it’s not quite a title that rolls off the tongue. As of writing, it’s an Early Access title on Steam for PC – an unfinished game that you can buy and play before release. The game itself is a take on the Battle Royale concept – a number of people are released onto an island, last person standing wins. To do that, you’ve got to find weapons, kill people you see, and avoid danger. It started life as a mod for Arma 2, where Player-Unknown himself (who has the much more sensible name of Brendan Greene) was creating what he wanted to be the definitive Battle Royale experience.



PUBG is not your typical shooter. The aim is to survive, not to get the most kills – in fact, you can win without getting a single one – so your usual shooter strategy needs to adapt. The first decision you are faced with when playing PUBG is whether to start a game in first-person perspective or third-person perspective. First-person perspective, or FPP, shows the game through the eyes of your character. Third-person perspective, or TPP, shows your entire character model in the game.

FPP plays more like a traditional shooter while TPP allows you to gather more information behind cover and around corners because of the camera placement. Once you have jumped into the game, you load into spawn island and wait until the game begins and the plane takes you away. The plane has a visible flight path available to you on your map (pre-bound to M) that you can view as it travels over the island. When you decide where

you want to drop, you jump from the plane and parachute to the ground. Once on the ground, you will want to grab the loot before you fight. Loot are items such as weapons, gear, and first aid supplies that are scattered across the map, found most often in buildings. You can easily sort through your loot and check what you have by bringing up your inventory by hitting TAB.

PUBG Requirements pc


Weapons in PUBG game includes:

  •  Guns
  •  Grenades
  • Melee weapons

There are four types of melee weapons: a crowbar, machete, pan, and sickle. These deal more damage than punching opponents, but you must still be in melee range for them to be effective. Of these melee weapons, the pan not only deals the most damage but when equipped it can also block bullets for your character.

There are also four different types of grenades:

  • frag grenade is the damaging throwables
  • Molotov cocktail is also a damaging throwables
  • A smoke grenade is used for Utility.
  • and stun grenade is used for Utility.


The biggest upcoming update for PUBG is a brand-new map. Right now, there’s only one map, a fictional island in the Black Sea. The story behind it is that Soviet forces tested weapons there in the 1950s, and now it’s being used for these battles. The next map is moving the action to a desert, with an abandoned city part-buried under the sand. There’s no ETA for the new map, and the only glimpses we’ve had have come from Player-Unknown’s Twitter feed. In 2017, the gaming world was abuzz.

Player-Unknown’s Battlegrounds emerged from humble beginnings as a mod for popular military shooter ARMA 3 to dominate the gaming conversation and put Battle Royale titles on the map. In 2019, it is surrounded by competitors on all sides. Apex legends and call on duty- blackout among them. PUBG became a phenomenon for a reason, of course. Surviving one of its matches requires a not-

insignificant degree of luck, a far cry from the constant killing and respawning of other modern shooters. PUBG offered a complete antithesis to call of duty every kills its own reward every death is a new experience. Even to this day, it remains the most realistic (within reason) battle royal title – its weapons are authentic, its locales almost mundane in their relatability – all greens and browns. Crawling through long grass with a sniper rifle aiming at an unsuspecting enemy feels arguably tenser in PUBG than any other. It’s a game that causes hands to sweat and sharpest of inhalation, free from the colorful skins of its competition

PUBG Requirements


PUBG is an online game which has taken the world and the internet on a storm. Now, going back to a little history, the game was first launched on Microsoft Windows back in March last year and has since been made available for major gaming consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But-but-but, PUBG truly gained its new heights and broke every record when it was made available for smartphone platforms i.e. Android and iOS. Now, if we go by the numbers, then the game has a million downloads on Android so far.

With over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store, PUBG Mobile is one of the most successful and most widely played battle royal game. The mobile version of the game was launched on March 2018. PUBG Mobile has become one of the most successful online multiplayer games for smartphone users and while PUBG Mobile boasts off over 100 million downloads from Google Play Store, the same is the case with Apple’s store.


After the success of PUBG PC, PUBG mobile was launched in March 2018 and since then, there have already been four seasons for the game, with the latest one being released last week. Since PUBG Mobile has such popularity, it might be the case that you are looking to download the online multiplayer game on your smartphone but could be confused about what are the minimum PUBG Mobile requirements for playing the game on your handset.

Here we are with the list of all the minimum requirements for PUBG mobile for both IOS and Android devices.

  • For Android users: Device running Android version 5.1.1 or above with the maximum 2GB of RAM or 2GB of maximum free storage can run the game at lowest possible settings.
  • For IOS users: iphone5s, Ipad2 or newer running IOS9 can run the game.

The most important PUBG mobile requirements

  • Make sure you are not playing the game in a public place.
  • You won’t forget your basic necessities of life.
  • Make sure to have a smartphone (a better one or use the lite version) and a good internet connection.


Just as we were getting to know the 8x8km island MAP and its desert-themed counterpart Miramar, we now have even more new PUBG maps to get excited about. From the recently released jungle map of San-hook a 4x4km jungle map designed for constant fighting to a new snow PUBG map called VIKENDI.

VIKENDI is a map in PUBG mobile there’s always at least one more killing field in which to get your next chicken dinner. VIKIENDI. Its located near Slovenia and Croatia. The language used in MAP is Serbo-Croatian. The codename for this map is DIHOR-OTOK, and OTOK translated is Island. Places in the map like ZIMBAVA means Fun, and Dobro Mesto means a Good place. There is a coffee shop in MAP named KRALJ which means King.

PUBG pc Requirements

To help keep you updated on all of the PUBG new maps, we have assembled this roundup of everything we know about all the upcoming battle-grounds. One of PUBG’s best features is its range of colossal maps – they are big enough to cater to different playstyles and feature an unmatched variety of combat scenarios for would-be military tacticians to overcome. However, the newest PUBG new map is very different. This ice-cold 6x6km map tracks footsteps and vehicle tracks as you battle it out in the shadow of a huge mountain. But, what’s next? Here’s everything we know about all the new PUBG maps.


PUBG can get a little overwhelming, especially for beginners, so here’s a rundown of the basics that you need to know – and some useful stuff that it really helps to get to grips with early –

  • Remember to put away your weapon (the X key on PC), meaning you can sprint six percent faster.
  • In the pre-game, take off your shoes! Barefoot running is the same speed as running with shoes, but you’re noticeably quieter on most surfaces.
  • To refuel, the vehicle needs to be completely static, but you can still refuel from within the car by right-clicking the cannister in your inventory.
  • Use map markers at all times, and call out specific directions (numbers as well as North/South/East/West) when in a team.
  • You can stay in the game’s voice chat, but set your own chat to party-only – occasionally you’ll overhear enemy teams who forgot to set theirs to private.
  • Remember to toggle your rate of fire with the B key or left on the d-pad on the console.
  • There are not two, but three types of aiming. Hip fire, a more accurate hip-fire (holding right mouse button), and aiming-down-sights (‘ADS’, by tapping right mouse-button). You’ll also be able to change the settings to go straight to ADS by holding right-click rather than toggling it on/off.


What makes PUBG a pretty good-looking game on PC is more or less missing in the Mobile version. The lighting and particle effects that really sell the game’s look have all been pretty much stripped out, and probably for good reason. Those kinds of elements can be pretty demanding for hardware. The result is a pretty bland-looking recreation. The terrain, characters, and weapons all look more or less the same as the PC version. If you play PUBG on PC this is all you need to know.

PUBG system requirements (minimum)

  1. Operating System: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-4430 / AMD FX-6300
  3. Memory: 8GB RAM
  4. Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 2GB / AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB
  5. DirectX: Version 11
  6. Network: Broadband Internet connection
  7. Storage: 30GB available space


PUBG is very much addictive teenagers. It is a battle royal game. Which firstly launched on pc and play-stations and when it was launched in mobile it goes viral very fast in INDIA. 70% of the total players of PUBG MOBILE is from INDIA. This record tells us that it is very much popular in INDIA. It IS A GOOD GAME BUT VERY MUCH ADDICTIVE. PUBG mobile is an Awesome and adventurous game. While playing it, our mind starts working even faster. This game is like a real battleground. This game has good graphics and as well as the tune. I started last month and I am playing this game till now. I didn’t get bored by playing this game.

My interest in this game is increasing day by day. Now I am on the level 28 and got rating GOLD I. One thing I like the most about this game that we can play the game with our FACEBOOK friends as well as Twitter friends. This game enables us to use text chat as well as voice chat. Secondly, there is a chicken dinner for the winners to encourage them. I am giving 5 stars to it because it is the ideal game ever. I think this game is liked by all the PUBG players.

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