How Can Make Face Mask Easy At Home?

Make Face Mask Easy At Home

Our skin is very soft we have to protect it from harmful things which damage our skin every day. Whenever summer season comes everyone gets worried how they can protect their skin by using a different method at home. There are many costly whitening creams available in the market. Which is very harmful to skin they show the result for some time after that it damages our skin. In these days laser surgery also used for whitening skin but also it has disadvantages. This is a very expensive way to get whitening skin only rich people can afford it but we can make our skin glowing and white with the help of homemade masks.  I will tell you about some homemade masks that you can make easily at home Make Face Mask Easy At Home. Dry Skin Care

1.Almonds and Honey Mask: Almonds and Honey are the best way to whitening and glowing your skin. Use pure Honey to make face mask it will give you best result and your skin become white and fresh. You can easily make the mask with Almonds and Honey.

  • Take one tablespoon of milk powder one spoon of Honey and mix in lemon juice take half spoon of Almonds oil make its paste.

Use it daily for 10 to 15 minutes you will get a better result very soon.

Make Face Mask Easy At Home

2.Tomatoes and Barely Flour Mask: This is another best way to get the whitening and glowing skin. You can make it easily at home in five minutes. Here i will tell you some easy step to make this mask.

  • Take Tomatoes juice, Barely Flour and Yoghurt mix them for 5 minutes and make its paste.

Use this paste daily 25 to 30 minutes your skin will be glow, fresh and whitening.

3.Potatoes Mask: Potatoes mask is very easy and cheap way to get a fresh and whitening skin. Easy step to make potatoes mask.

  • Take some raw pieces of potatoes and make its paste spread it.

Put this paste on face daily for 10 minutes and wash your face with fresh water.

4.Turnip and Carrots Mask: Vegetables are very for healthy and strong life. They are full fill with protein and vitamins. Vegetables are also used to make skin better look and glowing. Here i will tell you how can gets skin whitening and glowing with the help of vegetables. You can make a mask of Turnip and Carrots which helps you whitening your skin. Here is some easy step to make its paste Make Face Mask Easy At Home.

  • Take Carrots, Turnip and boil them after few minutes mix them and get its paste.

Put this paste on face for 30 minutes. Take a piece of cotton bud dip it in milk and clean your face with it. It will remove dirt from your face and make it fresh and glowing.




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