Clip Studio Paint EX 1.8.0 Full Download


Clip Studio Paint EX 1.8.0

Clip Studio Paint EX is the arena’s main comic and manga advent software program and provides effective artwork equipment for every manga and comic artist. it is designed each for artists wishing to decorate and best their pen-and-paper illustrations and for artists wanting to finish the entire process of making manga and comics digitally. Sketching, inking and coloring your Comics and Manga has by no means been easier.

Clip Studio Paint EX

Key Features Of Clip Studio Paint EX

  • Lets in users to draw hard angles
  • Can create 3D fashions with bendy edges
  • Can move 3-D drawing figures intuitively
  • Like-minded with CMYK for printing
  • Smooth-to-use, yet seasoned portray tool
  • Export documents to other images and ePub layout
  • High-level sensor and correction
  • Import/export of Photoshop format files
  • Person-customizable display screen layouts (UI)
  • Numerous drawing gear, which may be custom designed.
  • Cel animation guide (body-through-body animation)
  • light desk characteristic
  • Onion skin displayMultiple export alternatives

More About Clip Studio Paint EX

formerly Manga Studio. Clip Studio Paint EX has all of the capabilities of CLIP STUDIO PAINT seasoned, – professional story introduction tools, as well as different unique capabilities, that make it the closing – example device for the serious comedian, manga, and photo artists.

  • Coloring
  • Pens, Pencils, Brushes & gear
  • Panels
  • Advanced Brush outcomes
  • Vector tools
  • New advancements
  • Templates
  • Uploading & Exporting
  • 3-D options
  • Compatibility
  • Text
  • Quicker Than Ever

Clip Studio Paint EX

What’s New In Clip Studio Paint EX

  1. 3-d item materials and 3-D history materials had been mixed into the category “3-d item materials”. materials registered as background materials with “Ver.2” within the name at the moment are 3-d item materials. you can nevertheless use the old 3-D historical past substances.
  2. A scale alternative has been brought to the robot manipulator. you could now make 3D materials larger and smaller the use of the robot manipulator.
  3. A “rotate attitude” alternative has been introduced to the motion manipulator. you may rotate 3-d materials around a chosen point.
  4. You can now flow and rotate separate parts of three-D object materials the use of the movement manipulator.
  5. A choice to trade selectability has been brought to the [Object list] when a 3-d layer is selected. you may pick out whether each 3D material can be selected or now not.
    A right-click on the menu has been brought to the [Object list] whilst a 3-D layer is chosen. you may open and close all sections of the [Object list]. [EX/Pro]


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