What Is Rooting and its Advantages & Disadvantages?

What Is Rooting, its Advantages & Disadvantages?

  • Why should we have to root your android device?
  • Its advantages and disadvantages?

These are all questions which randomly came into our mind. So I will give you the answers to all of these questions. What is the main cause of rooting the android device? We use it for running all kind of apps and software on your device. When you buy a new Android device you are able to use it as a guest like windows operating system we use it as a guest. He/she can’t create any changes in a system. When you get root access then you can handle all roots system and you get authorized to read and write in the system.

Advantages of root: A rooted device will have all these advantages.

  • Custom software(ROM’s): Rom is a software which helps to run your device.It is installed in read-only memory. Different developers provide you custom rooms to give new look to your device. And the only rooted device can do this.
  • In official software updating: This is the main cause of rooting a device.You are using a device which operates older version and you wanted to get the latest update. In checking you get that it has officially no update then you have to update it officially for whom rooting is very important.
  • Free internal storage.
  • Baseband updating.
  • Unlocking additional features.
  • Running special applications.
  • CPU overclocking.
  • Removing unwanted system applications.

Disadvantages of not rooting a device:

  • Bricking: The Big reason of not rooting is a risk of bricking. Your device will badly secure up and you will not able to use it properly. It’s become for you like the brick it will be useless for you.
  • Security risk.
  • Warranty writing.

How you can root device. First of all, you remember this is not impossible that you can’t-do this.Mostly, people can’t-do this.

You can root your device easily. Android version cupcake is the common method of rooting. The other one is used for career method which unable to use on another career thus you have to choose method according to your device.

Can we unroot device after rooting? Yes, we can do.There is two type of rooting:

  • Temporary rooting.
  • Permanent rooting.


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