How to Start a Blog? How You Can Make Your Own Blog?

If you wanted to start your own blog then you are in right place here i will tell you how can you make your blog easily. Every one want’s to start his/her own blog for some random reasons someones do for money some other for their interest what else your wish is. With the starting a blog you can earn much money that can help you lead a happy and good life. Many of peoples are frustrated from their job life because they go offices early in the morning and came back in evening they work hard at their best but salary is much low that can’t help them to achieve their wishes. But don’t worry if you want to start your blog i help you. Now let’s start how you can make a free blog easily.

How to make a free blog easily: First of all, you need to do that you have to choose the topic which you are interested in mean you know about cooking then you should write on cooking which helps to other. Start with some basic things.

  • Choose the most famous blog sites from Google to start blogging like, etc.
  • When you choose it then select whatever is that paid domain or self-host and get a free blog to start blogging.
  • Buy your own self-hosting and domain from the famous hosting sites of google.
  • Edit your blog nicely and simply which helps to people they can easily read on it.

Now i will explain to you that the things which i tells you above in my post.

1.The Famous platform of blogging you should select: Google has many popular sites of the blog to start blogging but WordPress is the best site to start your own blog. But it is your own choice which one you like to start.

2.Self-hosting and custom Domain name: In the company which you had paid for your blog you have to choose a domain name and host it from the best hosting company which page ranking start from 7 out of 10. Then your blog name will be in .com

3.How to design a blog for free: There are many themes to edit your blog but you should choose a simple theme to design your blog because it will be easy to understand and people like it.

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