How to Do Telenor MMS Setting on Android Phone?

Lots of Android users don’t know how to install MMS setting on their Android devices.They are not able to receive their MMS which is sent by someone.But don’t worry i will tell you in this post how u can install MMS setting on your Android phone after that you can get your MMS messages.

Follow these steps which shown below to get your Telenor MMS working on Android device:

1.Open phone setting-Wireless and Network-Mobile Network-Access point Name.

2.Click on the Menu Key and choose “New APN”.

3.Now follow these settings:

Name: MMS (any kind you like)


Username: Telenor

Password: Telenor


MMS Proxy:

MMS Port: 8080

MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0 (Only if it asks)
MCC: 410 (should be there by default)
MNC: 01 (use default)

APN: Type any name you would like.

You can leave all blanks which are shown already blanks and save this setting.

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