How to Care Skin. Best Skin Tips for Girls

Skin is most important for girls.Every woman wants their hair and skin look at its best. They take care of it by using all kind of things but sometimes they use wrong products and get their skin damage very badly.Face skin is most important thing for the woman and also for man.Everyone tries their best to keep skin looks better and glowing.Face skin maintenance is very important for self-confidence.

Those women who have very sensitive skin once their skin gets flecks it can’t get rid of it easily. For face flecks and pimples very useful tip from many years:

  • Two teaspoons  of lemon juice
  • One teaspoon of glycerine
  • One teaspoon of sahgal safoof

Mix all these things in water and get its paste.Twice in the day put it on the spots. Soon your face will look clean and glowing. Fresh milk is also the best thing to get rid of flecks and skin become fresh and glowing.If face wash with the milk soon you will get your skin fresh and clean.You should put milk with the sponge or cotton buds and leave it for some time then wash it with fresh water.With the spending of time under the skin layer of human grease stocks and when grease became more skin getting loose and wrinkles appear on the skin. Those women who have early wrinkles on their skin they get worried about it then they have to eat green vegetables and fresh fruits.Eat the food which is filled with protein it will help your skin looks glowing, fresh and clean.




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